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The Spiritual World at War : List of Highlights in Q&A format : Is the World Flat, Round or Hollow? Are we in WW3 already? Are we a part of the Depopulation Program as human citizens? Do Galactic beings from other planets really exist? Does Free Energy really exist ? Are We Spiritual Cosmic Beings ?

Thanks to certain people who provide intel to this Tiny Caribbean Island based Global Network of News and views for 2 years or more, We can now reveal our goals and views in ‘list format’, to ease you into what to expect next in this world of uprising confusion and dis/misinformation.
We must thank our new media guru Tony Z from Critical Mass Radio in helping us post this collective of bullet points:
We encourage you not only to participate in your own research and use the bullet point headings below  to conduct your research in order to make your own mind up, however you would not be at any loss listening to the radio shows on offer at Critical Mass Radio here : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/criticalmassradioonline and sign up and allow your self to think ‘outside the box’.
Tony Z and Kate of Gaia often feature Celebrities such as Santos Bonacci, Kevin Annett and Alfred Webre in order to extend their own research. However following an accumulation of intellect in recent discussions with them, we lightworkersxm have compiled a status report on our world for you to go through and Iron out for your self, any of these issues as they arise.
Look out for the subliminal illuminati pictures :
Cabal footballers
Feel free to use the comments section here to post your questions to the team, however we urge you to join in yourself at Critical Mass Radio, in the link above.
Tony Z Is a delightful , knowledgable and futuristic spiritualy consciousman of light and very approachable to those who wish to know that little more.
Planet Gaia Status Report : 
The only certain in life that are certain, for instance :
In the Age of Information of 2013 and the internet,“Ignorance is your own choice”.
Qu 1) Are we in World War 3
Ans 1) You would think so, if armed with these facts,
No we are not. The Cabal would like nothing more than to know that we think that they have infact created WW3 and we shall not be allowing that to happen. We will not give into their tactics to start WW3 by bombing and droning Syria, Pakistan, Iran, Somalia and many other areas whilst creating False Flags in US and Europe with the ultimate goal in creating and enforcing Nazi style Marshall Law and Internement camps THAT DO EXIST.
illuminati pyramid 2
Qu2) How much of what is going on in the world, is about GOLD ?
Ans2) “It is ALL about gold” Every war for the last 200 years have been about secret gold manoeuvres. The most surprising thing is that gold has a link to galactic presence on the planet. We have no end of ancient texts representing us as Gold mining dating back further than 250,000 years, so why is it so important? Well Archontic beings, not from here, want their  gold and they want to take it from this planet. Why do you think there are so many pyramids in and around earth and why do they match perfect grid lines on the surface of the planet?
Do your own research and send us your findings, you will be on a trip for sure.
illuminati pyramid 6
Qu3) Galactic presence on Earth: Yes that means UFO’s ET’s and ED’s.
Ans 3) We have never been alone and we never will be, For instance, to take our governments stance on this is futile and to even consider all the planets and stars in one galaxy alone, never mind all the moons, then to come up with the theory ” we are alone” is as futile as asking the question,
Was Nicola Tesla a light worker?
UFO dollar
Qu4) Is the earth Occupied by other races & hollow?
Absolutely YES : DUMBS Underground bases heve been built globaly since the 1950′s and there is a wealth of Intel on the subject and one needs go no futher than to research Phil Schnieder to find out how deep that rabbit hole goes. Additionally, Portals ( Earthly entrances for other beings) are common place throughout the earth in varying guises such as Volcanoes, Caves, Ancient sites (covered and uncovered) and inter dimensional portals North and South poles ( Global Air space embargo still in effect) for example. There are many people on earth today who have used these portals and they are worth seeking out to help you with your research Drunvalo Melchizedek and Alfred Lambremont Webre are  just 2 of these such people.
illuminati pyramid 5
Qu 5) Are we in an extraterrestrial war on this planet and who is winning?
Ans 5) Well the answer to the second section who is winning? can be probably best answered as Adolf Hitler.
So lets just give you a quick resume from the middle of WW2 :
a) Hitler developes ET Craft in Germany Prior to and during (Rothschild funded)WW2.
b) Galactic beings follow all missiles and technology progress in Germany as war progresses:
c) Following WW2 Galactic’s surround US , UK and Russia to inspect Nuclear weapons stock piles and in many cases, nutrilize war heads.
d) Project Paperclip seizes all German Nazi’s and from NASA as a fake space agency to the common people, it is a total NAZI Space war program which is the Nazi NASA as we know it today.
e)  The only victors of WW2 are the NAZI’s (DVD Dachau), The Bloodline Families  ( Rothschild’s) and Hitler as he slides off inter-dimensionaly.
f) 1953 Robertson report ( still in effect today) Any one who talks about, reports on or discusses ET’s are to have their property confiscated or be ridiculed in such a manner that they will be deemed  insane or killed.
War dollar
Qu6) What is the purpose of War today?
Ans6) Well as we said before ‘it is all about gold’ but here is a little more, it is also about earthly portals, Mali is for instance about stealing Gold to pay back Germany for all the gold stolen in WW2, Afghanistan and Iraq are more to do with Portal access and other minerals like Lithium, Opium and sacred sites, this is the same for Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Libya and Somalia. The other side of War is the global control by means of fake finances. The global financial system goes back to 13 bloodline families and is controlled by 3 fake independent countries a) The Vatican b) The Corporation of London and c) Washington DC with other splinter parishes with secret rules of their own like Strasbourg, Monaco and Andorra and Lichtenstein to name a few. These in turn are governed by off planetary galactic interests and are not necessarily working in the interests of the common people.
Chemtrails with Al Gore
Qu7) Will we get help from outside this planet to defeat the Cabal?
Ans7) This is one of the areas of greatest disinformation on the planet in all forms of the media circus today. I am sorry to inform you but NO. To think that flying disks will fall from the sky and save us from the evil cabal is a little far-fetched and fanciful, should you know the real YOU, You would not wish for that to happen in any case, as you have sufficient armoury within your human capacity, if only you searched for it within yourself Spiritually.
Qu8) Do the common people of today stand any chance against all odds IE: The David and Goliath principle.
Ans 8) Or alternatively The Goliath and David scenario more like: Once people on planet earth realize that they are spiritual beings and become familiar with their own capabilities in the spiritual light and use the tools that they possess, then the world will group together collectively and will be able to cleanly route through the corrupt society that we have become accustomed to and dismantle the  (illuminati bloodline families ) aka The Black Knights ( Templars) of Malta (disconnected beings) that enslave us today in our modern society. The only chance of this  happening is when we see that humans wake up from amnesia ( the effects on us humans from generations of Illuminati mind control) and see that every part of modern life is being controlled just as  in the Ancient Roman Empire. People will have to boycott their favourite Football team or TV personality and Historian or church clergy and replace their idols and mentors with their own realistic spiritual ones. Once people ‘get it’ that every thing has been fabricated to cage them into this illusionary fake society and call for change within themselves then expect no change whatsoever.
Dollar Toilet roll  (2)
Qu9) Victory of the Light?
Ans9) The human race will be victorious in Light once they recognize the power of light itself. Light is full Love and forgiveness. Once we get it, we will then be able to use it as the very weapon it is. Love is un-rebuttable and no one can remove it from us. We have 2 strand DNA and no one can remove that too, although the Cabal are seriously trying to do so with active programs such as Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarious and Trans-humanship and Scientology. Even Illuminati stooge Film stars and footballers are falling for these fake tactics today, being only told half of the real story. The only way we can defeat this deep dark attack ( that is all that it is ) is to become spiritually wise and self health wise and stop depending on doctors, hospitals and chemicals in prescription drugs and every day food stuffs and cleaning agents. The victory of light is an absolute certainty.
Qu10) What have we to look forward for?
Ans10) Plenty
Small list here : Self Spiritual Recognition and existence : Free Energy : Self Health : Anti gravity:  Free transportation : clean earthly food,air and water, telekinethis, and most importantly of all,
The truth in Disclosure and Ascension of Our origin and purpose in life on this planet.
It simply does not get any better than that.
Timeline of Events: There isn’t any time line : It is up to you:
Things to look out for :
1) Financial collapse
2) Big name arrests on TV.
3) Big Company Collapses especially Banks.
4) Military troops returning home to assist own families.
5) Massive and that means massive civil unrest and build ups globally.
7) TV overhaul and at last DISCLOSURE IN FULL:
8) Living in the light with freedom of all mankind without boundaries.
Qu11) What should we avoid in life and what can we use to assist us  in our defense of these every day attacks?
1) Only go to Hospitals, Dentists and Doctors in absolute dire emergency situations.
2) Drink Colloidal Silver Water and salt water to recharge your batteries and avoid Chemtrail diseases for poison toxins sprayed above you.
3) Avoid all Cabalistic staged Mind control IE: Mainstream Tel-lie-vision, All Sports, and Lottery’s , Charity’s And  All satanic Rocks and Sport Stars.
4) Drink and eat only fresh raw fruits, meats and vegetables either juiced or sliced.
5) Start resisting paying illegal taxes and loans and bills THEY ARE ALL ILLEGAL Do your research and act appropriately.
6) Get deep into your spirituality and use your tools you have been provided with and find the god deep within yourself. God is your energy You are god.
7) Sit back and enjoy the show.
You are now entering the most spectacular show on earth and guess what?
You are the star and leading role.
Qu12) What can we do to help in the victory of light?
Join resistance groups and stop you fear of being an active role player, follow non violent common law based action groups Like
Follow alternative media sources and follow your inner self.
Join groups that are earth friendly and care less for profit.
Most importantly un teach your self of the dogmatic indoctrinated training you have had since birth and think ‘Outside the box’.
BE your self,  know your self and love your self and share that with as many others.
Pass this around and sign your disapproval on the back of your paper currency so that others get the messages as the notes spread globally.
Namaste Dave
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