Absolute Proof Boston Bombing Was a Staged Hoax

All the proof that is needed that the Boston bombing didn’t occur as portrayed and that instead it is a hoax and that no people died is right here, the famous video evidence accumulated by EMT, Steve Apple. Many have already since his work. Here is an excellent summary of these findings by a YouTube researcher:
There is no need for further proof. The lack of blood emanating from the supposed double amputee whose legs were supposedly blown off in the incident is sufficient evidence that this is a Hollywood scam and that no one died, no one severely injured.
The man in the hood is a prop pro, who, through his hook, makes every attempt to hide under disguise:

Prosthetic stumps on. No blood.
Still no fake blood on the left stump; none on the fake bone, either. However, is that the beginnnigs of artificial blood being applied on the right stump?

There appears to be blood in place, now, clearly visible on the fake bone and also possibly on the right stump:

Prop-man, now finished with the fake double amputee, does double duty and himself begins playing the role of the injured:

Note the cast of characters, Carlos “the patriot” Arrendondo, the prop-master in pink, the woman in the red jacket acting as the blocking agent, and the other prop-master in the black jacket, grey sweatshirt.
Now see this finding. This is surely the same man who handled the fake double amputee, now playing the role for the cameras as a wounded spectator. It can now be seen that this sort of light-colored blood-stained clothing seen on, for instance, this prop man and also the clothes of hero Arrendondo, is always the same hue and it is fake blood, not real.
The finale after the prop-pros finished their work. All the people in yellow in these scenes are actors, just like the fake wounded.

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