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Unapproved Monsanto crop found growing in Oregon

A genetically-modified strain of wheat that was never approved by the United States Department of Agriculture as been discovered growing in Oregon, triggering a federal probe that is now spanning several states.
Investigators with the USDA want to know why the GMO crop, made by biotech company Monsanto but never approved for use, sprouted up in a field in the Pacific Northwest.
They cannot be trusted. They will do whatever they choose without considering consequences. Utter lawlessness.

Big Brother seems determined to keep certain things from the main steam and in this attempt, he will do anything and everything possible to keep his ‘opinion’ the majority or shall we say the ‘norm’. Anything which conflicts with their agenda is kept secretive and nonexistent.
There are others who don’t want to believe because it goes against their religious beliefs or opinions. The recent programs about the mermaids have left a flurry of inquiries by curious people on many levels of media including my site. But, my take on this is that to each his own. If you don’t believe and nothing will change your mind then move on. If your open to interpretation then read on.

Darwin Twins
Come on people! There are different views on our history, our antiquity. These opinions and theories are popular because there are those who want you to believe there is no GOD. The Gap Theory is such that millions of years could have passed while we matured in our ‘original’ body which GOD gave us. But don’t think for a minute that we came from apes! This takes out of the equation, our Creator!
So how does this fit in? These mermaids have been around for a very long time. Big Brother has saw to it that they have been kept secretive for a reason until now. You see it fits into the agenda. This is why we are beginning to have evidence come forward. Don’t think for a minute that these people have gotten through the loop holes and are being presented on television programs without their knowledge. No. These elite own all media forms.

As the US and Iranian governments escalate tensions in the already volatile Straits of Hormuz, and China and Russia begin openly questioning Washington’s interference in their internal politics, the world remains on a knife-edge of military tension. Far from being a dispassionate observer of these developments, however, the media has in fact been central to increasing those tensions and preparing the public to expect a military confrontation. But as the online media rises to displace the traditional forms by which the public forms its understanding of the world, many are now beginning to see first hand how the media lies the public into war.…


German Bundestag paid for MP’s trip to private Bilderberg meeting in 2008
Newly Appointed German Automobile Lobbyist and former Minister of State Eckart von Klaeden has told a German accountability group that his visit to the 2008 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly was paid for by the German people although they apparently do not have a right to know what exactly the elected representative does there. Von Klaeden:
“Although I have not attended the conference as an official representative of my group or the Bundestag (such official attendance is not familiar with the conference), I experienced the conference as very valuable for my work as an MP and as a foreign policy spokesman of my group … The costs incurred by me were paid by the German Bundestag.”

‘Modern medical dissection has already discovered that the front section of the pineal gland is equipped with the complete structure of a human eye. Because it grows inside one’s skull, it is thus said to be a vestigial eye. Whether it is a vestigial eye or not, our community of cultivators has reservations. Yet modern medicine has, after all, already recognized that there is an eye in the middle of the human brain. The passageway that we open targets exactly that location, and this happens to agree completely with the understanding of modern medicine.’ –Zhuan Falun (English, Page 51, the 3rd translation edition, The Universe Publishing Co., NY)

Strange creature appears and caught by camera on a rock at seaside area Kiryat Yam of Israel.

The shape of the creature looks like a mermaid and when undestood that keeps the attention disappeared under the sea surface.

That might be extreme, but the point is that fish exposed to radiation somewhere out in the ocean might end up in U.S. waters.
And see this.
CNN reports today:
Low levels of radioactive cesium from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident turned up in fish caught off California in 2011, researchers reported Monday.
The bluefin spawn off Japan, and many migrate across the Pacific Ocean. Tissue samples taken from 15 bluefin caught in August, five months after the meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi, all contained reactor byproducts cesium-134 and cesium-137 at levels that produced radiation about 3% higher than natural background sources

FEMA disk given to school children (Photo: Cassius Methyl,
FEMA disk given to school children Photo: Cassius Methyl,
Public schools in cooperation with the department of homeland security are now teaching kids safety measures, and advising that they seek relief in FEMA camps in a time of crisis. But are these post disaster relief camps, or military internment camps?
May 23, 2013
FEMA , the Red Cross, and the Department of Homeland Security are now using taxpayer money to educate children in public schools about ‘getting ready for disaster’. But why would government agencies hold interest in this? Is it because they want schools to be safer, or because they want citizens to flee to FEMA camps in a time of crisis?


Lee and Rebecca, who have split.

Lee Rigby, allegedly killed in the Woolwich incident in London, has a girlfriend who has been serving in Afghanistan.

Lee Rigby has a two-year-old son, Jack, but Lee has split from the boy's mother Rebecca, 30.


On 22 May 2013, Lee Rigby is allegedly killed in Woolwich in London.

On 22 May 2013, Lee Rigby's battalion is training in Cyprus.

Woolwich: Lee Rigby Named As Soldier Victim - Sky News

Meet Cameron D’Ambrosio…

There but by the whim of the State goes YOU

From Dick Eastman
He’s 18 and lives in a small town outside Boston. He wants to be a rapper and calls himself “Cammy Dee” in his YouTube videos. He has been locked up without bail for weeks — facing terrorismcharges and 20 years in prison — all for lyrics he posted on Facebook calling the Whitehouse a “federal house of horror.” The Marathon Bombing was merely mentioned. Shortly after that he was arrested and charged with Communicating a Terrorist Threat, a felony that carries 20 years in prison.
The post contained no specific threat of violence against any person or group of people, and in the context of the rest of the lyrics and Cams’ rap persona, it was clearly nothing more than a metaphor. A search of Cam’s house found NO evidence that he was planning any violence, but a judge still ordered him held without bail for the next 3 months, pending trial.

A beheading in London is now being considered an Islamist terrorist attack. New videos below including this one just coming out on LiveLeak. A 2nd new video has also been embedded below this first one also from LiveLeak.

A soldier was ‘behead’ in London today while his two attackers were later shot in this breaking story from London and The Irish Examiner:

A man was killed and two others were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds today following a “serious incident” understood to involve a serving British soldier.
Several witnesses described seeing a “beheading” while another described seeing a man wearing a Help for Heroes T-shirt being attacked with a machete-style knife and dumped in a south east London street.
Woolwich and Greenwich MP Nick Raynsford said it was his understanding that one person, a serving soldier, was dead and his two alleged killers were taken to hospital.

  • WARNING: Graphic content in pictures above & below
  • Police and ambulances have been called to Woolwich after reported shooting and machete attack
  • London Ambulance Service have confirmed one man has died
  • Two further men have been taken to hospital with serious injuries
  • Wellington Steet sealed off, John Wilson Street shut in both directions between Artillery Place and New Ferry Approach
  • Traffic is heavy in the area and queueing as a result
  • Email your photos of the scene to
  • Did you see what happened? Call the newsroom on 01689 885726.

Head of the IMF Christine Lagarde in court charged with embezzlement and fraud

The head of the International Monetary Fund arrived in the dock of a Paris courtroom today as she braced herself to be formally charged with embezzlement and fraud.
Christine Lagarde’s humiliation is not only a massive personal blow which could lead to her resignation, but one which will plunge the world’s banking system into further ignominy.
The clearly nervous 57-year-old said nothing to reporters as she entered the Court of Justice of the Republic, a special tribunal set up to judge the conduct of France’s government ministers,  shortly after 8.30am.


When a parent puts a bottle of baby formula to a child's lips, the parent might not know exactly what ingredients are in that thick, nutritionally packed mix. But rocket fuel? That's not an ingredient many expect to find.
A study by government researchers released Thursday tested 15 different brands of formula and found a chemical -- also found in rocket fuel -- contaminating every single one.
While the levels of the chemical, perchlorate, have been deemed safe by the Environmental Protection Agency, some worry public health is at risk.


According to an article in the Watford Observer today, the Herts constabulary fears the coming Bilderberg conference may attract “possible crime and disorder linked to a nearby conference at The Grove.”
After a local Green Party candidate announced she was planning to organize a “green event” around the Grove, Herts police apparently expressed their fears in a document cited by Watford Observer senior reporter Ben Endley.

SAVONA, ITALY - Kevin Annett, who has led a twenty year campaign denouncing the trafficking of children committed by the Vatican State (otherwise known as the Catholic Church) and has filed claims against this criminal organization and other churches, will be present in a historic Thursday May 23 Press Conference at 11 a.m. at Savona, Italy, in the Librería UBIK Savona (Corso Italy 116 r Savona, 17100 Tel: 0198386659).
Last month, Kevin Annett has been nominated fo the Nobel Peace Prize by U.S. and Canadian academics "in honor of his tireless efforts on behalf of children and other victims of crimes against humanity". During the past weeks, as part of his job as Secretary of the International Tribunal of the crimes of the Church and the State (ITCCS), Kevin is in Europe-wide tour to unite victims of the violence committed by the Catholic Church. In addition, Kevin has organized protests outside the Vatican since October 2009 together with victims of abuse of priests and nuns. In February of this year, Mr. Annett also participated in organizing the global event to bring the former Pope, Benedict XVI, to justice before the International Common Law Court of Justice and other officials of the Catholic Church.

We are being prepared for Humanity’s introduction to the Greater Community.

We have recently gained attention throughout our POPULATED area of the Galaxy with

our Nukes and Resources. The ET visitors are here to exploit our world.

All Beings (Humans included) have ‘inner Knowledge’.



It is your conscience. Intuition.


Upon arriving in Mexico City, I noticed that there was what appeared to be a complete lack of cell towers. Yet perfect cell service was everywhere. And that got me wondering, how could a cell phone system work so well with no cell towers around? After stating it on the forum, Bunk Hound got on the American Tower web site and located a few, which I subsequently went to with Google maps, and they were very much like American cell towers. But aside from these which I could locate with a map, there were none to be found and instead there were many tiny cell antennas attached to buildings and roof tops. Mexico now appears to be transitioning to the larger cell towers, and I beg to question WHY, if the small antennaes worked so well.

7 Things About The Mainstream Media That They Do Not Want You To Know - Based On A Photo By Doug Waldron

Have you ever wondered who controls the mainstream media?  In America today, we are more "connected" than ever.  The average American watches 153 hours of television a month, and we also spend countless hours watching movies, playing video games, listening to music, reading books and surfing the Internet.  If someone could control the production of all of that media, that would make them immensely powerful.  They would literally be in a position to tell people what to think.  Well, what if I told you that there are just six enormous media conglomerates that combine to produce about 90 percent of all the media that Americans consume.  Would that alarm you?  It should alarm you.  The truth is that our attitudes, opinions and beliefs are greatly shaped by what we allow into our minds.  After all, they don't call it "programming" for no reason.  Even those of us that realize that we are connected to "the matrix" probably greatly underestimate the tremendous influence that the media has over us.  We live at a time when it is absolutely imperative to think for ourselves, but most Americans are being absolutely overwhelmed with information and seem more than content to let others do their thinking for them.  Sadly, this is greatly contributing to the downfall of our society.

Fake Boston Bombing Revealed Up Close: Zauras Snape

Fake Boston Bombing Revealed Up Close: Zauras Snape
Watch this video of the fake Boston bombing closely. Use the mouse to visualize the sequence. The fraud and fabrications are clearly evident for all to see.

By Jen Wilton & Liam Barrington-Bush, Guests | Waking Times
In late April, world renowned Indian ‘seed activist’Vandana Shiva travelled to the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca to join a gathering of Mexican farmers, indigenous leaders and environmentalists, fighting to protect Mexico’s native corn crops against the imposition of genetically modified alternatives.
The group gathered for the ‘Pre-audiencia Nacional: Contaminación Transgénica del Maíz Nativo‘ in the shadows of the Sierra Juárez mountain range, in response to the Mexican government’s proposal to allow the seeding of twelve million hectares of genetically modified corn. The proposal followed an initial pilot project in which Monsanto was allowed to plant GMO corn in test sites in 2009. While many local communities remain adamantly opposed to the move, extensive lobbying by Monsanto, with support from the world’s richest man, Mexican Carlos Slim, and considerable efforts by the Gates Foundation, have raised real fears that local concerns may be ignored.
While Slim, the Gates Foundation and Monsanto argue that GMO technology will feed the world’s poor, many locals deem the imposition of transgenic crops a serious threat to the native varieties of corn that have been at the core of rural Mexican cultures for millennia.


Jurriaan Maessen
The good news is, journalists and protesters are allowed to come closer than expected to the hotel; the bad news is, they will be subjected to pat downs by a private security firm.

A spokesman for the Hertfordshire police, responsible for managing the protests from June 6-9 outside the Grove Hotel, has stated that reporters and protesters will be allowed inside the outer gates of the Grove Hotel, giving them a fairly good view of all incoming- and outgoing Bilderberg participants. The downside is, that the people who are allowed in must first undergo a pat down by a private security firm named G4S.

The UK's biggest bank has so far made around £100 million by providing loans and services to some of the most destructive logging companies in the world, often in violation of its own policies.

Please sign the public petition to HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver calling for the bank to stop profiting from the disappearing rainforests of Borneo. We can stop this.

sheeple paranoia

The world is finally beginning to wake up to the global tyranny that is threatening all of humanity. In the past two months I have heard from people that I have not heard from or seen for 10-20 years. I have heard from former players, students, friends and neighbors. 
Several people contacting out of my distant past may not sound significant, but I had zero expectation of hearing from any of these people again. And all of the contacts were motivated by their concern for the decimation of our Republic and my work towards reversing the trend curve.
Sometimes as I pound away at my keyboard in the middle of the night, I wonder if I am making a difference with regard to awakening the multitude of sheep in this country. Frequently, I have wondered if any of us are making a real difference. Yet, I have met so many gifted morally upstanding people in our Patriot movement. The majority of the people in the alternative media, too many to mention, have talent, charisma, intelligence, education, a love of God and country and are only motivated by the desire to live in a society which is governed by people who want to help their fellow man, not to enslave them.

In this video blog, THRIVE filmmakers Foster and Kimberly Gamble share some helpful tips for effectively discussing challenging and controversial information with family and friends.

WOW! That’s all I can say. WOW! (and hurray!)
From the Keshe Foundation blog, by M.T. Keshe:
In years of research, I have been observing phenomenon which was clear to me, but somehow I did not want to deal with this concept as I was too busy with other matters of the technology.
But eventual this nagging knowledge had to be dealt with.

Turkey's 'secretly Jewish' prime minister, Recep Erdogan, is in trouble.

In Turkey, there have been anti-Erdogan protests, for three days in a row, in the town hit by two car bombs.

Many people blame Erdogan, and his Mossad allies, for organising the blasts as part of a false flag operation.

The surprise election of Pope Francis came about because of a series of supernatural “signs”, one of the leading Cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church has claimed.

Pope Francis elected after supernatural 'signs' in the Conclave – Cardinal

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, the Archbishop of Vienna, who was himself widely tipped as a possible successor to Pope Benedict, said he had personally had two “strong signs” that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was “the chosen one” in the run up to vote.
He said only divine intervention could explain the speed with which the Argentine Cardinal - who did not feature on any of the main lists of likely candidates compiled by Vatican experts - was elected.
Speaking to an Anglican conference in London, he also said the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby, had a “strange similarity” to the new Pope.
He said that the two elections were a “little miracle” and a “sign from the Lord” that the two churches should work towards closer unity.
Addressing an audience of 5,000 people in the Royal Albert Hall, at a conference organised by the prominent Holy Trinity Brompton church in west London, he said that he was certain that on the evening of March 12, as the papal Conclave began, none of the Cardinals had known who would be chosen.

Horrific abuses are still going on, entirely ignored by Oxfordshire County Council.  The County Council has worked hard to cover up deliberately the abuse going on.  Torture of girls with cigarette burns.  The Police tell them to clear off. 

One victim went to his MP, who took no effective action to bring his abusers to book.  Terrible abuse.  No details.

Jim Lievers Head of Education, Oxford County Council, has been 'not telling the truth'.  Common Purpose much in evidence as usual, with the main actors within the Council, nearly all women, not doing anything to help the kids being abused.

Please take notes as this is deep and paints a perfect picture of who you are and how you can prove it:

Rumors are circulating throughout the world recently with the supposed discovery of one of the legendary Hall of Records in Egypt. The Egyptian government along with recently retired Zahi Hawass who ran the Egyptian Antiquities Department have adamantly denied these claims saying that no such building or chamber has been found. However, many researchers and even some archaeologists are saying that the chamber was indeed found but has been covered up due to the contents inside and what it would mean to both our understanding of history and Ancient Egypt’s history.

American Nazis. Johnny Milanos photos of the American-Nazis annual convention in Atlanta.

"Before 1919, Hitler had been a political 'gun for hire' who had many Jewish friends and had flirted with both Communism and Socialism."
What sort of people would organise events such as: 9 11, genocide, the torture of children, the lynching of innocent people....?

Think of Nazis and Zionists?

Or perhaps think of Genghis Khan, Caligula, the Medicis, the Hapsburgs, the Ming Emperors, the Plantagenets, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers...

Sisters. Tigray. Ethiopia
By courregesg

Detroit's Financial Manager is a Fascist Dictatorship it is an example of the coming increase of a fascist takeover of the rest of America.
o the extent that the modern world thinks at all about the problem of fascism, there is a tendency to regard this form of bankers' totalitarian dictatorship as something which happens suddenly and all at once.

Historians can remember Mussolini's march on Rome in October 1922, and Hitler's seizure of power in January 1933. But we must also recall that the definitive seizure of power by fascism in these two countries was preceded by dress rehearsals and pilot projects of fascist rule on a more limited scale.

Vine of Life News, your premier Christian news source. Did the Navy Seals who died in the Benghazi incident know something? Interesting to think about.


Michael Snyder
Activist Post

Does Barack Obama have any idea what is going on in the government that he is supposedly running? Scandals are erupting all around him, and he supposedly was not aware that any wrongdoing had taken place in any of those instances.  It is almost as if every major government agency has gone rogue and Obama has no idea what the heck they are doing. According to Obama, he often doesn't learn what those under his authority are up to until he sits down and turns on the news. Should we believe him when he claims ignorance over and over again, or is Obama just trying to protect himself?

Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, the revelations that have come out in recent days about the IRS, the seizure of AP phone records and Benghazi should be very alarming to you. Taken together, these scandals paint a picture of a federal government that has become drunk with power, and no matter where you may fall on the political spectrum that is something that nobody should want.

Posted below is a fictional interview that I have created between an anonymous reporter and Barack Obama about the IRS scandal, the seizure of AP phone records, Benghazi and other sensitive topics.  Yes, this interview is a bit absurd, but so is the notion that Barack Obama is completely ignorant about so many important things that are going on inside his own government... 
Investigative journalist and radio host Josh Reeves joined John B. Wells for a discussion on America's forgotten history. Reeves shared his research into a mysterious wall buried under Rockwall, Texas. The ancient structure was built by an advanced civilization that pre-dated the arrival of Native Americans, he revealed. Beneath Rockwall are crystals with strong piezoelectrical properties, Reeves reported, noting how they may have been part of a harmonic energy generator used to launch spacecraft. His investigation into who could have built the wall, as well as the archaic mounds found all over the world, uncovered evidence for a race of giants. 

Ziploc Bag Terror – the Fake Blood Hoax

We Don’t Want You to See Us Applying Fake Blood, so We’ll Torment You and Chase You Out – Videos from the Free Dzhokhar Movement
It really is terror by the infamous Ziploc bag. The company surely doesn’t want this type of publicity. It should contact the DHS and demand damages:
This individual has on a bullet-proof vest and was captured on-site, the same kinds of individuals who brutalized the Tsarnaev brothers, ultimately killing one of them.
The free Dzhokhar movement in its fight against the Boston Bombing hoax is doing its best to get the truth out about the innocent Tsarnaev brothers, absolute patsies, absolutely innocent and thus is producing stupendous material. These productions were found through a poster, here, on who is calling for the release of the innocent Dzhokhar. In these videos the application of fake blood is observed. Who would have ever thought that the people would be terrorized by this illicit government through mere zip-based plastic bags and their contents. It is terror, no doubt, and the people, globally, are the victims. Commentary to follow shortly plus screen shots. Do come back to review the larger post when it is ready.

Interesting… what do you suppose he means? Is it just another psyop? Is it “chemtrails” or regular skywriting? Does he work for the Illuminati or is he a patriot trying to wake people up? Fascinating times we’re living in these days.
From May 12th:

Flickr - Dollar Bill - Mark Turnauckas

Andy Thomas, New Dawn

Intense speculation on the ‘ruling elite’ many believe is running the world from behind the scenes can lead to the presumption that it is all-powerful and infallible. But is it? Identifying the human foibles and underlying desires of those who may be planning centralised domination could lead to a greater chance to offset their agendas.
In my book The Truth Agenda, I explore a widely-held hypothesis in certain quarters: that the world might be controlled by a powerful ruling elite, which puts its own narrow interests and convictions above ours through manipulation and engineered global crises to help bring about an Orwellian-style ‘One World Government’.


POTUS Soetoro/Obama, Prince William, Duchess Kate, FLOTUS Michelle, Buckingham Palace, May 24, 2011
Pope Francis I, Inauguration, Vatican, March 19, 2013
"Obama, Pope Francis, Prince William: Implementers or Deconstructors of the New World Order (NWO - Satanic/Illuminati Plan)?"

(L-R) US President Barack Obama, and former presidents of the US George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Jimmy Carter

(L-R) US President Barack Obama, and former presidents of the US George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Jimmy Carter
Tue May 14, 2013 4:18AM GMT
By Gordon Duff
New information on the 2000 election, information now in the hands of top military officials in the US, conclusively proves that America’s government is in “free fall.””
In 2000, a criminal conspiracy overthrew the government of the United States through violence, threats of violence and massive fraud.

The Boston Bombing Hospital Patients Are Fakes: Proof

The Boston Bombing Hospital Patients Are Fakes: Proof
Note: because of the urgency of disseminating this information an initial version of this post, The Hospital Patients Are Fakes: Proof, is initiated, here. More to follow, later.
Fraudster Marc Fucarile is a liar and a fake. Nothing that he says can be trusted. Nor can anything that is said by his so-called relative, friends, and girlfriend be held as anything other than a falsehood.
This nasogastric tube was photoshopped in. It doesn’t reach anywhere near his nostril. It does NOT go into his nose. Moreover, the right nostril has been taken out. Remnants of the blur tool are seen. He’s a fake, make no mistake about it.

by Scott Creighton
May, 2012 – “The New Alliance was announced in conjunction with the G8 meeting last Friday. Under the scheme, some 45 corporations, including Monsanto, Syngenta, Yara International, Cargill, DuPont, and PepsiCo, have pledged a total of $3.5 billion in investment in Africa. The full list of corporations and commitments has just been released, and one of the most notable is Yara International’s promise to build a $2 billion fertilizer plant in Africa.” How the US Sold Africa to Multinationals Like Monsanto, Cargill, DuPont, PepsiCo and Others
A $3.5 billion dollar investment is one hell of a “why” now isn’t it? The conference mentioned above actually took place at the The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, “Founded in 1922 as The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations
In May of 2012, a plan is announced at the Council on Foreign Relations to effectively recolonize the whole of Africa for 45 of our favorite crony corporations. Immediately a film created by the FBI via one of their confidential informants, a guy on federal probation, is retooled and released as the pretext for a new “angry Muslim” uprising. In Sept. of 2012 an attack takes place killing one of our ambassadors. It was conducted by a group who previously worked for us and who currently worked for the government of the town that was attacked. In Nov. of that same year, the military launched a new wave of invasions, small quiet invasions, all across Africa. Those Special Forces led operations paved the way for our crony corporations and their conquest of the African continent. No one questioned why the first black president was committing U.S. troops to Africa in the wake of the Benghazi psyop.