Horrific abuses are still going on, entirely ignored by Oxfordshire County Council.  The County Council has worked hard to cover up deliberately the abuse going on.  Torture of girls with cigarette burns.  The Police tell them to clear off. 

One victim went to his MP, who took no effective action to bring his abusers to book.  Terrible abuse.  No details.

Jim Lievers Head of Education, Oxford County Council, has been 'not telling the truth'.  Common Purpose much in evidence as usual, with the main actors within the Council, nearly all women, not doing anything to help the kids being abused.

Extreme child pornography is being shown in the college classrooms, and shared amongst the tutors.  Violent sexual assaults happening, with no repercussions for the perpetrators.  Gay porn.  Animal porn. 'We were made to watch with doors locked.  We were encouraged to make and share porn.  Videos of people being tortured and beaten to death.  Animals being sawn in half while still alive.  Donkeys being burned alive.'

Oxford.  City of dreaming spires?  Not any more.  Today a centre of massive abuse and cover-up of paedophile networks.

Multiple reports were made by many students.  One tutor tried to report the abuse which is of white students by white people.  He protected students on the campus.  He reported abusers to all authorities.

He was bullied, sacked and accused.  This has been used as an excuse by the media for non-reporting, saying it's racial abuse, which it isn't. 

Go to 24 minutes to see how the BBC blanked the people complaining.  Nicola Stanbridge explains that the BBC dropped an enquiry without speaking to any of the victims.  Some enquiry.

Her boss was a member of the Savile investigation team within the BBC. 

32 minutes onwards shows how the pedophile rings work.   Young victims bullied and victimised.  A partnership of organisations holds together, including the public organisations that are meant to be protecting children.

36 minutes The Oxford Mail has publicised aspects of the abuse over many years.  The Oxford Mail is covering the case well, and has been warning over many years as to what is happening.  Cowley Police Station has turned away many of the victims who went there to complain.  Where is a new unit for child protection to be based?  Why?  Cowley Police Station.....

39 minutes the BBC tries to state the abuse is by Asians.  This is incorrect.  The abusers are white.  There is an agenda in the media generally to make out paedophile rings are all Asian.  The Police have revealed information to Ben Fellows that they will not investigate abuse at the highest levels.  It seems they won't even investigate abuse by mere college tutors either.

Has Oxord become the dirt capital of Britain?  What was once one of the most respected educational cities in the world, is now little more than a garbage dump for perverts to prey on their young victims. 

TAP - a powerful paedophile ring is clearly operating within Oxford Council,  the BBC (what a surprise), the Police, the educational and legal system.  This is modern Britain, one of the wealthiest and most famous areas of the country, and kids are offered no protection.   What hope is there?  Is it time to get out? 

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